Catch the Dream Express to ride from your pressing problems to your brightest potential!


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What is this?

As you READ the story in which Angelina is questing for her DreamSelf, guided by the magical lady Dragonfly Diva, you Catch the Dream Express with Angelina and quest for your Dreamself ~the part of you that already is your dream~ with the help of author-shaman Maria Mar.

Maria Mar becomes your Dragonly Diva and you become the protagonist. Each chapter becomes a station or a Dreamscape in your journey from HERE (whereyou are) to THERE (where you want to be), so that the story unfolds as a blueprint for your manifestation.

  • Transform your world by changing your perception.

  • Transmute your limitations into steps that move you towards your dream.

  • Achieve the transformation you need to manifest your Dream.

  • Work the Law of Attraction within the principles  of the Sacred Feminine School of Wisdom, so that you are cutting along the grain of your organic nature instead of pushing yourself blindly.

  • Have fun questing, writing, creating arts and crafts and talking with Maria Mar.

  • See your pressing problems in a complete new light as you apply the Eyes of the Shaman and see them as Sacred Mirrors, Life Metaphors and Catalyst to create your Dream Alchemy.
  • Go from reading about a strong female protagonist to BECOMING the protagonist of your own life!

  • Create your Dream in your Life as you ride the Dream Express!
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There are three ways to start:


How does it work?As you write the story,the female way of learning and changing is activated. Your right-brain is triggered and your creative genius is awakened.
What does this mean?Reading this story with a female protagonist that goes through things you are facing right now activates your emotional intelligence, compassion, empathy, imagination and sensory immersion, all ways in which women learn and change and that accelerate and deepen transformation for both women and men. (The Sacred Feminine Way and the right-brain creative way). Then you receive the weekly materials that allow you to consciously understand and practically apply the shamanic secrets that Maria Mar has embedded in the story. You begin to see life different. You perceive your “problems” in a new way. You see solutions you did not see before.  

Finally, you meet Maria Mar live in a call where she explains the principles, helps you apply them to your life, answer your questions and often does ceremonies to uplift your vibrations and clear away blockages. 


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 Dream Express Virtual Tour

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In the Dream Express Membership, you travel from “station to station” (each chapter is considered a station), advancing towards your Dream and reclaiming your DreamSelf, the aspect of yourself who holds your Life purpose and already is your dream.


Only $29.00 a month

after the trial, including the digital novel, live calls and live events

Free Trial

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The only time you have is NOW!

40 chapters = 40 weeks = hundreds of life-changing, dream-building shamanic secrets and tools = Be your dream, starting now!


You have up to one year (that’s 52 weeks) to go over the 40 chapters/stations. But do it at your pace, with ease and grace. If you cannot finish in a year, you can renew the membership for another entire year for only $75 USD.

button-dreamexpress-membership-free-trial-4X3X72Free Trial has been extended to 30 days!


Try it now at no cost!



A Story to Change YOUR Story



Can I use this for my manifestation in real life?   

Yes! That’s the whole point! 

As a spiritual teacher in the Sacred feminine School of Wisdom, Maria has master the art of transformation of how women –and many spiritual creative people in general– change, learn and manifest.   


As a Sacred Storyteller, she knows that storytelling has been used for centuries, along with creative writing, visual arts and ceremonies to quicken healing, transformation, manifestation and liberation.   That is why she created a story that LEAPS from the page to impact your very real life!  Author-shaman Maria Mar has created a magical, inspiring story embedded with: 

  • Shamanic Secrets about manifestation and transformation
  • Knowledge from the Sacred Feminine School of Wisdom on  how to release limitations and transmute obstacles into opportunities.  
  • Each week she sends you this knowledge into your inbox so that you can apply these shamanic tools to your life. The Playbook gives you a template to re-script the beliefs that stand on your way of living your life.
  • The Female Leadership principles that allow you to assume true power and ownership over your life in harmony and collaboration with others, Earth and the Universe.  
  • These principles are at the core of how the Dream Express rides, so that as you ride with Maria Mar you experience shifts of perception, uplifting of vibrations, release of old beliefs and clearance of hidden subconscious interferences. As the Dream Express advances through each “station” you also move closer to your dream.
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Arts & Crafts







What do I have to do?

The Reading

  • First, you read a chapter. There are 40 chapters (plus the 2 bonus chapters), and each chapter is an adventure that moves Angelina towards her dream and closer to rescue her DreamSelf.

  • As you READ, you travel with Angelina and join her as she faces her troubles, watch her attitudes and laugh (or cry) at the way she messes things up. It will sound EJEM very familiar! (LOL)

The Riding

  • Then you RIDE the chapter. Each chapter is a station in the Dream Express Ride. When you are ready, you download the Shamanic Secrets Template and Playsheet for the chapter you just read. 

  • That’s when you RIDE the novel. The tools included in the DreamQuest are:
    • The Shamanic Secrets Templates help you recognize the shamanic secrets and knowledge from the Sacred Feminine School of Knowledge that are embedded in that chapter, how these principles affect Angelina and can affect you in your life and manifestation.

    • Use the Playsheets  to apply these secrets to your life and rewrite the story of your life, and finally

    • Have fun with the Creative Projects in the Playsheet so that the transformation is smooth, quick and delightful.

  • As you RIDE the Dream Express, you become the protagonist of your own life in a heroic journey to your Dream.

 Activate your manifestation through the power of writing, imagination and intentional arts



Enjoy guidance from someone who has been there and who has dedicated her life as a laboratory of manifestation, transformation and liberation


Enjoy Maria Mar's guidance



The Guidance


  • Just as Angelina is guided through her quest by the Dragonfly Diva, you will be guided in your DreamQuest by author-shaman Maria Mar. You will meet with her every month for a rich, fun, creative and mind-expanding conversation.

  • As you read each chapter and work the station, you can click at any time to submit the questions or topics that you’d like to explore in that month’s conversation or to add questions that will be answered in a member’s FAQ page.

  • In the DreamQuest Call Maria answers your questions, expands and explores the topics you like and reveals the shamanic secrets more in depth. She’ll help you with your application of the shamanic secrets in your life, within your context, as well as open the space for the group to share their adventures. This becomes a laboratory in manifestation that helps you fine tune and quicken the creation of your dream in your life now.




When you join the DreamQuest, you begin with a

FREE Trial for 30-days

Try it for 30 days before you dish out a penny.


If you don’t like the experience, cancel before the trial is up.

Keep whatever you’ve downloaded.



  • Embody your soul’s purpose in your presence and your life.
  • Release fear and step into your greatness
  • Expand your imagination to see your infinite possibilities
  • Build your dream in your life every day
  • Transmute problems, obstacles, ~even disease and crisis~ into steps that move you closer to your dream
  • Release stress, anxiety and pushing and create instead joy and abundance in your life, work and business
  • Channel your message and creative gifts in a state of grace, releasing creative blockages
  • Give yourself permission to be successful and happy,
  • Create or design a way to do what you love and make a living.

If you love magic, like journal writing, enjoy arts and crafts and if you are a curious person seeking how to apply the Law of Attraction to live your dream… you will love the Dream Express Ride!


The Sheros Journey




In the DreamQuest you become the shero (or hero) of your own life in a journey to overcome your limitations and seize your dreams. You will be facing and defeating these dream-stealing demons:

  • Fear: Learn fearless living and never again be held back by fear

  • Hidden interferences: Become a Shamanic Huntress (or hunter) and track down the source of the interferences that disturb your intention and manifestation

  • Habit-choices: You’ll find lots of “show, don’t tell” moments that will train you on how to shift from Habit-choices to Free-choices in your life.

  • Personal history: Join Angelina as she realizes that her personal history is not her history at all, but the illusions, assumptions and limitations she’s been dumped with… and join her in releasing that bundle!

  • Inner Wars: The wars in your favorite science fiction movie look like babies when you realize the wars going on inside you… and put an end to them! Peace of Mind… that’s priceless!

  • Shadows- This journey will help you see the Shadows you are casting and how to recast them to become your luminous best potential.

  • Despair, insufficiency and other constrictive emotions: Angelina suffers from them all! You will cry and laugh with her as you identify with all those so-called negative emotions and discover how to channel them creatively.

  • Learned limitations: Whooa! Angelina is a walking mirror of the limitations that are stealing your dream. Walk with her, see them, catch them and release them, with the help of author-shaman Maria Mar, who will become your magical guide.



Only $29.00 a month

after the trial, including the digital novel, live calls and live events

Free Trial

Try it now!

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All your financial information is save in our state-of-the-art, hacker-proof merchant, Stripe.

We don’t even see your financial information. This is safer than paying with your card in a restaurant.


I am a Sacred Storyteller and shaman who champions you to change your life story so that you can awaken your magic, express your creative genius, embody your purpose and live your potential now. Maria Mar is the Dream Alchemist, an author, poet, visual artist, speaker, storyteller and performer, as well as a spiritual teacher and shaman. As a Transformation Artist, Maria helps you to use the brush of your creativity to paint your life and business with the true colors of your spirit, so that you stop hiding your mojo, step into your greatness, express your potential and live your purpose NOW. Maria Mar has freed her vast creative potential and has designed a unique business and expertise style to share her gifts and deliver her life purpose. She can help you to do the same. Maria helps you to crossover to your dream and embody your purpose NOW!

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